Using Facebook as Twitter Updater, The Gist

Now that many people use both Twitter and Facebook, users look for ways of sharing information between the two social media networks. Recently, companies have come up with ways of posting updates to both places relatively simultaneously. The trend means that people and their friends keep in touch on both networks. Now, it is possible to use Facebook as the primary means of updating both accounts at once.

Facebook contains an application to allow users of both social networking sites to update status messages from Twitter right into Facebook. The Twitter application in Facebook is the best way to do this. All one needs to do is install the app and then click to allow Twitter to update the Facebook status. The screen that comes up when the process has been completed asks the user of Facebook if he or she wants to allow status updates from Twitter. Once that has been done, the user can change the setting back via the Edit Applications Page in Facebook. A Tweeter app also lets users do the updates, and gives them additional options for seeing and responding to tweets while still logged into Facebook.

Tweeters who use more words to say what they mean would do better with the Selective Twitter Status application. This version only updates a person’s Facebook wall with tweets including the #fb hashtag to let them know what is new. A program entitled TweetSync uses a keyword operated version of the function and lets the user decide whether to take all tweets or sync only those containing a certain keyword. That filtering can even help sort tweets to the user’s Facebook page, making communicating with friends simpler by giving priority to the messages he or she really needs to view.

Another way for people to bring in Tweets and Facebook content is to use Facebook Connect as the bridge between services. This gives site developers and owners a way to immediately let new users log into other sites via their Facebook accounts. Twitterer’s in this case will enjoy using to grab the advantages of Facebook Connect in linking Twitter to Facebook.

Using these ideas links a person between Facebook and Twitter. These methods work especially well going in the direction of Facebook to Twitter, but can be reversed to send information in the other direction as well. After all, users need to go both ways to share the content they enjoy with friends and work content with colleagues for a more productive world. Facebook and Twitter both give the dedicated user the means to connect with anyone in the world, so if the need presents itself, you can easily connect to either platform.

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