Top Perks of Using an Independent Insurance Agent

Buying an insurance cover from an independent insurance broker Perth has to offer is one of the options to consider when shopping for general liability insurance. This means you have more than one option to consider. For instance, you can purchase insurance cover from online providers through an independent dealer or by visiting a website that represents multiple insurers. Other options include buying from an agent of a specific insurance company or from a professional organization.

All the same, with all the options available, purchasing a cover from an independent agent or broker comes with tangible benefits. For example, in Perth, you can obtain insurance cover from a reliable insurance broker Perth has to offer. Check the following perks:

An insurance broker is a licensed expert

One of the benefits of dealing with an insurance broker such as Oracle Group Services ( is that the provider is a licensed expert. This gives you the courage that you are dealing with a genuine provider and not someone who is just out to make money from you. Only licensed agents can sell valid insurance services. You can know if you are dealing with a licensed agent by obtaining information from your state department of insurance.

An independent agent has a broad network of insurers

When you deal with an independent agent such like Oracle Group Commercial insurance services, you are already exposed to a network of insurers, which the agent can contact on your behalf. This gives you the advantage of getting quotes from various providers to find the best solution for your needs with least effort.

With that wide network of connection, you can find a coverage that is rare or specialized, more easily than if you approach providers on your own. With that service from the agent, you are able to concentrate more on your business.

Their services come handy during claims

In addition to the benefits mentioned, the services of an independent agent come handy when you initiate a claim. For example, if a risk occurs such as accident, simply notify your agent and he or she can report the matter to your insurer. Besides, the agent will help you obtain the relevant forms and guide you through the procedures to the end.

Independent brokers help with risk assessment

Independent agents have adequate knowledge and experience in handling risks. For example, if you deal with an independent insurance broker Perth has to offer, he or she can analyze your business operations and expose the major risks that you should insure your business against. The agent will also help you identify risks that are insurable and even identify reliable insurers.

Independent brokers provide a personalized service

Insurance service requires regular and one-on-one contact with your agent. Independent agents know how to provide this service better. For instance, the agent, who treats you as a friend, can alert you when new packages show up. You also get updates on prices when they fluctuate. In the end, the personal attention you get enables you to choose the best service for your business.


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