What Family Lawyers Can Help You With

When it comes to family-related concerns and court cases, the best person who can help is a family lawyer, someone who is well-versed in the Family Law in Australia and the various matters it covers, including child custody. And the best child custody lawyers Brisbane firms have are your best weapon.

Where there are rules and rights concerned, it is important that you have a lawyer by your side. With their knowledge, skills, and experience in child custody laws and other legal matters, they can do something for you. They know, more than anyone, your rights in any court case, whether you are a parent battling for child custody or a victim of domestic violence.

Separation and divorce

When you tried everything possible and things are still not good at home, separation might be a better solution for everyone involved. The breakdown of a marriage or a de facto relationship is one of the most emotionally challenging episodes in your life.

The role of a lawyer is to help you put everything into perspective. If you choose to file for a divorce, how will it affect you and your children? Should you go to court or opt for a mediation first? What will happen to your living arrangements after you separate from your partner?

All these concerns will be tackled with the help of a lawyer and will help you make a better decision with regards to the next step you need to take. This makes the cost to see a divorce lawyer worth every penny.

Spousal maintenance

According to the Family Law Act, partners have a duty to provide support and maintain each other during a separation or divorce. There are several factors to be considered in deciding who give what to whom. Since the court is the best entity to decide what is most fair and equitable, you should work with a family lawyer to settle the matter.

Children’s matters

When a relationship breaks down, the children would be affected the most. But the negative impact on them can be kept to a minimum if arrangements can be made without dragging the matter to court. If this is not the case, however, the best child custody lawyers Brisbane has can help negotiate certain considerations and arrangements concerning child custody.

Some of the issues that will be tackled would be the logistics on whom the child should live with and the length of time children can spend with each parent, awarding of parental responsibility, the choice of school for the children, and how medical issues will be dealt with.

Property settlements

When it comes to assets, neither party will get automatic entitlement nor will the division be equal. The Family Courts will take into account a number of considerations to determine how assets should be divided. They will also examine closely if “adjustment” of property is even necessary.

The divorce lawyers Brisbane firm has will give you advice about property entitlement and ensure that whatever arrangement that is formalised will be legally binding. This way, all your assets are protected in the future.

Family violence

Domestic violence is widespread in Australia, even if this is not the common perception. In fact, it happens to both gender and can have a life-altering effect on the victim and the children.

The good news is there are a number of Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) proceedings available to the victim. Consult a family lawyer and they can arrange the appropriate AVO.

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