Teen Arrested While Trying to get Help for Seizing Father.

Popular on Digg today was the news video of 17 year old Adrainne Ledesma, who was hung up on repeatedly by a Lincoln County police officer. Apparently during the disquietude of her father seizing on the floor, she cursed while talking to the police officer. Instead of the officer contacting emergency medical services, he decided it was in her best interest to receive a lecture and hung up on the teen.

Once again she attempted to call the police station to get an ambulance for her father, and once again, Sgt. Robert McFarland hung up on the teen. This time calling her a stupid as* and adding that she was not going to get an ambulance.

Shaken by the series of events that unfolded, Ledesma walked to the police station to get help and began to curse at the police workers. All the while, asking for the officer’s name so she could file a complaint. She was then arrested and restrained, for the what the officer called misusing the 911 system.

I have to wonder what exactly was going through the officer’s mind, as he denied her father the medical service he desperately needed.

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