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How to Plan a Tweetup

Twitter fans have a way of bringing social networking to the local level and getting more people involved. The TweetUp can range from a small gathering to a weekend-long convention . At the same time, those who set up the TweetUps not only teach about what they do, they tweet about it. This gives the newcomer or curious attendee a fantastic way to see how both communities can interact, online and offline. Those setting up such events use Twitter to find speakers, locations, and discounts on these items as well as generating interest in the convention by well-timed and written tweets.

Naturally, Tweetups evolve from Twitter activity. However, to have people gather locally, one must set up Tweetup outposts. This lets the organizer network with authorities in the area, making sure that venues are used responsibly and in accordance with local regulations. The outposts also give the organizer an easier way of finding keynote speakers for the event based upon its exact theme. One of these outposts must be a dedicated landing page on the Internet , preferably a dedicated event site or Facebook page. Often, this will be where attendees can find registration and hotel information and officially sign up for the event. After the Tweetup, the landing page can become a gallery of photos from the event to help generate interest in the next one.

Create an original #hashtag on or Twitter search to define the meeting. Make it searchable and put it on the landing page so others can join in discussions utilizing Tweetchat. While setting these up, also go into a service such as Google Alert or Tweetbeep and set up alerts to arrive in your inbox when someone clicks the #hashtag , event or its keywords, or the eventís blog.

Use the #hashtag as the name of a Twitter list for the Tweetup. This helps to generate attention and curiosity about the event. Post the list on the landing page for the Tweetup so others can follow it, especially the keynote speakers. Mentioning the keynote speakers and having them follow this page will create an environment where people will want to be as new information gets added. Also, create a whoís who list of volunteers, speakers, and attendees to help keep track of the event and keep it organized. In this way, it will be easier to know which people and speakers to invite to future Tweetups and what new volunteers may be found.

Thus, organizing a Tweetup can be a rewarding experience. It allows groups of Twitter users to come together locally or regionally while still including others. By attending such an event, one can learn how to use the Internet for social networking and to meet others who use some of the same online tools but perhaps in different ways. This exciting new way to network gives people the chance to do so both online and offline simultaneously as they tweet while meeting.

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Teen Arrested While Trying to get Help for Seizing Father.

Popular on Digg today was the news video of 17 year old Adrainne Ledesma, who was hung up on repeatedly by a Lincoln County police officer. Apparently during the disquietude of her father seizing on the floor, she cursed while talking to the police officer. Instead of the officer contacting emergency medical services, he decided it was in her best interest to receive a lecture and hung up on the teen.

Once again she attempted to call the police station to get an ambulance for her father, and once again, Sgt. Robert McFarland hung up on the teen. This time calling her a stupid as* and adding that she was not going to get an ambulance.

Shaken by the series of events that unfolded, Ledesma walked to the police station to get help and began to curse at the police workers. All the while, asking for the officer’s name so she could file a complaint. She was then arrested and restrained, for the what the officer called misusing the 911 system.

I have to wonder what exactly was going through the officer’s mind, as he denied her father the medical service he desperately needed.

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7 Places to Learn About SEO

With all the marketing that is going on today, many people are diving into the world of SEO. Learning the strategy of SEO can extremely increase someone’s exposure, sales, and overall success. There are seven places that you can learn about SEO listed in this article.

7 Places to Learn About SEO.jpg

The site offers SEO education, specifically for bloggers. You learn the ins and outs of why SEO needs to be optimized in a different manner to meet a blogger’s needs. This site is laid out into sections. You start at the beginning and learn as you go. They claim that you can learn the SEO strategy in seven days. offers SEO knowledge and training that is targeted to anyone. They explain exactly what SEO is and how it should be used. There is a wide variety of videos and tutorials for you to follow if you desire. They are very thorough in their explanations.

You can get a very in-depth free SEO tutorial through This site is not so technical that you can’t understand it. It has a very nice layout. There are also forums to help you get the answers to anything that you may not understand.

There is a great site, which offers the basics of SEO strategy. This knowledge is offered from a man who has years of SEO experience. He has learned through trial and error. Many people have called him a mentor. He is willing to share all of his secrets and help you learn his strategies.

(update: has been taken over with spam since writing this blog post. I would not recommend this site. Instead I would highly recommend for a ton of great tips, free tools and general seo discussion)

You can obtain a free email course from This class is offered through a Yahoo Group called SEO Techniques. All information is sent to you, and you are able to work at your own pace. You can attend all SEO classes as long as you remain active. If there is a section, you do not understand you can visit it again when it is repeated. The class keeps repeating itself, so you can jump in wherever you want to.

If you are looking for some tips and tricks, you can visit his site runs you through all the little things that many people miss when creating SEO content. It talks a lot about back linking. You can learn about everything pertaining to SEO through the links given on this site.

You can get a free SEO kit from You actually get quite a bit. The kit includes one SEO video, a PowerPoint SEO webinar, a video combining SEO, Social Media, and Blogging, a video on how to optimize landing pages, and an e-Book on how to be found on major search engines. This seems like a great overall program to learn exactly what you need. You have nothing to lose since it is free.

Many sites out there will offer SEO strategies, classes, secrets, and everything in-between. What is listed in this article is free. There are many SEO classes that you can pay for, but all of these offer great SEO knowledge at no cost to you.

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How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education

10 years ago, we imagined it. The Internet becoming an integral part of our lives and for some of us geeks, that we could use it to do almost everything. Well, 10 years later and after a blink of an eye, we got slapped in the face by the Internet. It said, “Uhh, duhh. What did you think I was here for?” SLAP*.

This infographic shows us what the Internet has done for education. A part of our system that has lacked in technology and quite frankly, has not been given enough attention. With so many advances, it’s about time education hopped on the train and started using the Internet. What are your thoughts?

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