Sex Offenders Found via your iPhone

There are so many great iPhone apps out there that sometimes you may have a hard time choosing which is right for you. Well if you have kids- or a family for that matter- then the POM Offender Locator is by far the best iPhone app on the market for you.

I stumbled upon this gem while doing my daily iPhone “top 25” search via the app store. I bought it expecting not to see much on around my “local yokel” area. Man, was I wrong.

Shortly after firing up the application I was faced with a lengthy terms of agreement to accept before moving on to the location feature. Fueled by the desire to locate these freaks, I quickly scrolled through and accepted. Next, I touched the “Use Location Button” and my GPS position was quickly gathered and ready to use by the app. I hit the next button and was completely shocked to see how many sex offenders are in my local area – 51 to be exact.


What’s even better is that when you drilldown on each of the scumbags listed, their picture is shown along with the charges they were convicted of. Click on the map button in the upper right corner and you are presented with a Bing map showing their location.


Doing a quick check online I was able to find out more from the creators of POM Offender Locator and pulled this from there site.

The Vision 20/20 “POM Offender Locator” ® allows anyone living in the United States to view Registered Sex Offenders living in their area. “POM” stands for Peace-Of-Mind and the Offender Locator gives everyone the ability to find out if Registered Sex Offenders live in their area.

Knowledge = Safety

They know where you and your family are… Now it’s time to turn the tables so that you know where they live and can make better decisions about where to allow your kids to play.

Purchase the POM Offender Locator and see if Registered Sex Offenders are living near you, your friends, or any address that you want to check. We compile data from all 50 state’s “Registered Offender Databases” so that you have a single source for finding Offenders living anywhere in the United States, no matter where you are!


- Utilize the GPS function on your iPhone to find Registered Offenders living near your current location.

- See Registered Offenders who live near your friends by simply selecting a name from your iPhone contact list.

- Enter your home address or any address to find Registered Offenders living in that area.

- Once you choose one of these three ways to map Registered Offenders, the system will pull from our master database, post the Offenders in your area, allow you to click on each so that you can see their picture and offense they committed. You can map their address to see how close they actually are to the location of your phone, your address, your friend’s address, or any U.S. address that you enter into the application.

So if you have a family or are just curious to see all the “scum of the earth” in your area, I highly recommend you get this iPhone app. The cost is just under a buck, if you choose not to get the full version they also have a lite version of the app for free. Either way you can’t loose on this one.

Update: Apple has since pulled the full version of this app from the their store. No reason has been given as to why, but the lite version is still freely available for users to download.

Update: Apple has added the full version back into to the app store, but the Offender Locator app now includes a disclaimer stating the following for California Residents.

***CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS*** Note: California sex offender data is unavailable at this time in the paid version of our application. You must use Offender Locator Lite version to access this data.

(Source Vision 20/20)

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    Thanks for this awesome article. We have and continue to work hard on this application. Thanks for your support!

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    What an Excellent program, I can't wait to install it. Great Post, Yo.

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  10. Tamra says:

    Such a great find. I have two little ones and this is a great resource for me to feel a little safer. Your blog rocks

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    Hi how are you i really liked this.

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